The New Girlfriend

The New Girlfriend

Friday, 27 November 2015: The New Girlfriend

Friday, 27 November 2015, 20:00

Venue: (see Locations and Tickets for further details)

Programme category: Forest Row Film Society

Director: Fran├žois Ozon, France 2015, 105 mins, 15

"… Ozon's psychosexual comedy slips with Freudian playfulness between ripe Hollywood melodrama, uptight English intrigue (and) gay Gallic romance…"

Mark Kermode Observer

At the funeral of her closest friend, Claire promises to look after her grieving husband, David, and newborn baby. Soon, Claire discovers that a secret life from David's past has resurfaced, which threatens and eventually transforms their relationship, with a rollercoaster ride of emotions and desires along the way.

"Ozon and the late Ruth Rendell is a great match of sensibilities: it promises the French director's winking subversion wedded to the late crime writer's slippery command of psychological twists." Tim Robey Daily Telegraph

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