Film in Sussex

This listing focuses on film societies and non-mainstream cinema. Listings of mainstream films are available from Screenrush and Find Any Film.

It is advisable to check times and dates with the venue beforehand, especially if travelling long distances.

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image from Bob le Flambeur

Add your film screenings

This is a list of film screenings around Sussex and neighbouring districts (south Surrey and north west Kent), primarily focussed on the film clubs and societies and independent, art house and world cinema screenings; if you want to add yours to the list, email the following:

  1. Title of film
  2. Time, date and location of event
  3. Web address for more information


Film societies and cinemas included in this listing

Not all film societies in the region are included, since some restrict their listings to members only due to the terms of their licences.

Listings of other cinemas only include those that are not listed by Screenrush.

Film Clubs and Societies


The following cinemas are included in the listing when they have screenings:

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