Still from Winstanley
No events to showDirector: Kevin Brownlow/Andrew Mollo, UK 1975, 95 mins, 12A

“Try comparing Winstanley with other [commercial] period films about the class struggle, and it is hard not to see how much more real and meaningful this film is.” Dennis Schwartz

Captivating and cinematically beautiful, Winstanley chronicles the idealistic endeavours of Gerrard Winstanley (who advocated a form of Christian Communism) and his followers – the ‘True Levellers’ or ‘Diggers’ from 1649 to 1651 to establish a commune on common land in Surrey. With its timeless themes of the stricken many versus “the covetous few”, it is as relevant now as ever.

“It looks so real it’s like a documentary shot in the 1640s.”IMDB

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