We Are Many

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Director: Amir Amirani, UK 2015, 104 mins, Not Rated

"It’s a piece of history that must grapple with both the success of the Stop the War march and its manifest failure: a staggeringly huge demonstration of public opinion that nevertheless did not stop the war. But Amir Amirani makes a bold case for understanding the march in a larger context: that over the next decade it re-energised people power." Guardian

The remarkable and inspiring inside story behind the first ever global demonstration in February 2003 when over 15 million people marched through the streets of 800 cities around the world. It shows how a handful of activists created a global movement on a completely unprecedented scale and how it left an unexpected impact on the social and political landscape which is still sweeping the world.

“It is a powerful and at times moving tribute to organised dissent and the power of the people. It is admirably watchable and provocative." Screen Daily

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