Valley of the Bees

Still from Valley of the Bees

Friday, 12 December 2014: Valley of the Bees

Friday, 12 December 2014, 20:00

Venue: (see Locations and Tickets for further details)

Programme category: Forest Row Film Society

Director: Frantisek Vlácil, Czechoslovakia 1968, 97 mins, 15

“Combines the epic grandeur of Kurosawa with the compositional rigour of Eisenstein” Pacific Cinematheque

“a stark, dramatic and hidden gem of Czech cinema” Little
White Lies

A blissful Bohemian summer wedding unfolds into a terrible nightmare. Forced to join the Teutonic knights, young Ondřej is faced with people of unquestioning dogma and violence. Beautifully photographed, this critique of ideology and oppression was released during the Prague Spring.

Valley of the Bees is a visually stunning, hypnotic and disturbing film that has managed to remain totally relevant, stylistically and politically.” Electric Sheep

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