Still from Moolaade

Friday, 04 November 2016: Moolaadé

Friday, 04 November 2016, 20:00

Venue: (see Locations and Tickets for further details)

Programme category: Forest Row Film Society

Director: Ousmane Sembène, Senegal / France / Burkina Faso / Cameroon /Morocco / Tunisia 2005, 122 mins, 15

“The eighty something Sembène delivers a powerfully acted and colourfully shot polemic. A perceptive observation of daily life in an African village that celebrates female bravery and solidarity.” Film4

A story of will, defiance and ancient custom. In a remote African village four girls facing genital mutilation flee to the compound of Collé, a free-spirited woman, herself deeply scarred by the procedure. To protect the fugitives she invokes the ancient custom of Moolaadé (magical sanctuary). Winner of Un Certain Regard, Cannes 2004.

“It makes a powerful statement and at the same time contains humour, charm, and astonishing visual beauty.” Roger Ebert Chicago Sun Times

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