Meek’s Cutoff

Stll from Meek's Cutoff
No events to showDirector: Kelly Reichardt, USA 2011, 104 mins, PG

“This superbly made, austere film is Reichardt’s best yet …. and a powerful new addition to the western genre.” Peter Bradshaw The Guardian

In 1845, six settlers and their guide, Meek, set out across the desert on a two week journey. Five weeks later, low on supplies and effectively lost, they capture a Native American who, in return for his safety, agrees to lead them to water, thereby questioning Meek’s credibility.

“Employing … stylistic restraint and (a) sense of inexorably mounting tension, Reichardt creates a mood which is at once entirely believable and entrancingly otherworldly.” Tom Huddleston Time Out

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