Leave No Trace

Still from Leave No Trace
No events to showDirector: Debra Granik, USA / Canada 2018, 109 mins, PG

“a gorgeous story about adolescence, about basic human kindness, about separation and reconciliation, about the limits of what parents can teach their kids.” Time Out

A tender and poignant drama about Will, a military veteran and Tom, his 13 year old daughter, who are living a seemingly idyllic off grid life in a nature reserve. This ends when they are discovered by rangers and well meaning attempts are made to re-integrate them into the ‘real’ world.

“It is an immensely moving portrait of a father and daughter who love each other and who can’t bear to be apart. Granik introduces us to a kind of family that cinema rarely captures believably and she does so with a style that’s both lyrical and realistic …. anchored by a pair of unforgettable performances.” RogerEbert.com

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