Still from Graduation

Friday, 17 November 2017: Graduation

Friday, 17 November 2017, 20:00

Venue: (see Locations and Tickets for further details)

Programme category: Forest Row Film Society

Director: Cristian Mungiu, Romania/France/Belgium 2017, 128 mins, 15

“Bleak, naturalistic and flawlessly acted.” Los Angeles Times

Eliza has been convinced by her father Romeo she must leave Romania to study and live abroad. On the eve of her final exams an assault leaves her badly shaken, jeopardising the chance of a vital Cambridge scholarship. To ensure her success Romeo resorts to underhand measures with dramatic consequences. Best Director Cannes 2016.

“It’s consistently absorbing and well acted, and Mungiu’s camera makes even simple police interrogations or drive-around sequences unassuming things of beauty.” Chicago Tribune

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