Still from Frantz

Friday, 12 January 2018: Frantz

Friday, 12 January 2018, 20:00

Venue: (see Locations and Tickets for further details)

Programme category: Forest Row Film Society

Director: François Ozon, France / Germany 2016, 113 mins, 12A

"illustrates yet again how this cinematic master is truly a worthy successor to Hitchcock" Boston Herald

“A haunting but hopeful portrait of how forgiveness can ease pain and love can overcome the heaviest of burdens.” Little White Lies

Loosely based on Ernst Lubitsch’s 1932 anti-war film Broken Lullaby, Ozon’s film gives us romance, riddles and lies. Starting in Germany in 1919, Anna observes a young Frenchman at the grave of her fiancé Frantz, which leads us into a complex and ambiguous story, touching on truth, anger and grief.

"Ozon weaves a compelling tale of national tragedies and private griefs" Globe and Mail

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