Every Three Seconds

Still from Every Three Seconds

Friday, 15 January 2016: Every Three Seconds

Friday, 15 January 2016, 20:00

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Programme category: Transition Forest Row

Director: Daniel Karslake, USA 2014, 100 mins, PG

“People who take stands and often make change aren’t born 20 feet tall. They’re ordinary people.” Paul Loeb, Author.

The unforgettable stories of five regular folk, a boy, a college student, a thirty-something and two seniors, whose lives went from ordinary to extraordinary based on one simple decision: to engage. Each chose action over apathy and in the process, each one has had a significant and lasting impact on two of the most challenging, yet solvable, issues of our time: hunger and extreme poverty.

“If you want to be inspired into action to make a difference in the world then the passion and focus of the individuals in this film will give you the inspiration to go out there and make a difference.”-Christine Lloyd, Former Director, Human Resources, UNICEF