Still from Amarcord
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Director: Federico Fellini, Italy 1974, 123 mins, 15

Amarcord is as full of tales as Scherherazade, some romantic, some slapstick, some elegiacal, some bawdy, some as mysterious as the unexpected sight of a peacock flying through a light snowfall. It’s a film of exhilarating beauty.” Vincent Canby, New York Times (1974)

Fellini, in his most personal film, satirises the pre-war provincial fascist Italy of his adolescence using tableaux of a daily life of social rituals, fantasies, adolescent desires and the politics of the time. Fellini at his finest!

“This Fellini opus is his most accessible to mass audiences since La Dolce Vita . Elements of earthiness and sentiment are relevant to his purpose. Fellini‚Äôs traditionally generous dosage of fantasy and poetry are subordinated to the grotesque, the macabre, the sentimental.” Variety

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