Still from The Colour of Pomegranates

Suggest a film for 2015-16

We’re always looking for ideas for films that we could show in the future, so appreciate any input you can give us. Ideally, we’d like…

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Still from Charlie Chaplin in A Film Johnnie

Audience reaction 2014-15

It is important to get our audience to rate the films we screen, both as a measure of whether our programming is hitting the mark,…

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Image of top part of the cover of the printed programme

Creating programme copy more efficiently

Ten years ago we screened nine films a year, produced a simple photocopied programme, and had no website. Now we screen about forty films, and…

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Still from Mystery of the Wolf

Children’s films in Forest Row 2014 -15

This season we have some really fascinating and unmissable films featuring young people in film, some of which will be shown on Sunday afternoons for…

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Still from Moving

Introducing the new season

Without realising it to begin with, the new season’s film programme has emerged as one with childhood as the dominant theme. We’d already selected several…

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