Picture of Mark Cousins at the London Film Festival 2013

Film festivals in the UK

There are hundreds of film festivals in the UK from the very small right up to the large events such as the Edinburgh and London festivals. This is a selection of them which could most appeal to film society and community cinema programmers, and are organised by broad category, and then by (rough) date when they occur during the year. There is a bit of a London and south-east bias, I’m afraid, simply because that’s where we are. If there are any others that you think should be on our radar, do let us know. One day we might get to a few more of them…


  1. Glasgow Film Festival: February: Glasgow
  2. Keswick Film Festival: February: Keswick
  3. London Turkish Film Festival: February: London
  4. Bradford International Film Festival: March: Bradford
  5. Bird’s Eye View: April: London
  6. Italian Film Festival: April: London and elsewhere
  7. TaiwanCineFest: May: London
  8. Edinburgh International Film Festival: June: Edinburgh
  9. East End Film Festival: July: London
  10. London Indian Film Festival: July: London
  11. Chichester Film Festival: August: Chichester
  12. Raindance: September: London
  13. London Spanish Film Festival: September: London
  14. Cambridge Film Festival: September: Cambridge
  15. Southampton International Film Festival: October: Southampton
  16. London Greek Film Festival: October: London
  17. BFI London Film Festival: October: London
  18. Africa in Motion: October: Edinburgh
  19. London Iranian Film Festival: November: London
  20. French Film Festival: November: London and beyond
  21. UK Jewish Film Festival: November: London
  22. Cine-City: November: Brighton
  23. London Latin American Film Festival: November: London
  24. London Korean Film Festival: November: London
  25. Leeds International Film Festival: November: Leeds
  26. Russian Film Festival: November: London
  27. Romanian Film Festival: November: London
  28. Bath Film Festival: November: Bath


  1. London International Documentary Festival: May: London
  2. RAI International Festival of Ethnographic Film: June (biannual): various
  3. Sheffield Doc/Fest: June: Sheffield


  1. London International Animation Festival: October: London
  2. Bradford Animation Festival: November: Bradford


  1. Cinemagic: November: Belfast


  1. Future Shorts: Often: London and beyond
  2. London Short Film Festival: January: London
  3. Edinburgh Short Film Festival: June: Edinburgh
  4. Colchester Film Festival: October: Colchester
  5. Aesthetica Short Film Festival: November: York