Tales of the Night

New, extended programme of children’s and family films

Still of Cary Grant being chased by an aeroplaneCary Grant in North by Northwest

After the success of this season’s children’s films, Forest Row Film Society is delighted to be extending the programming for children and families.

In the 2011-12 season we screened four films specifically aimed at children as Sunday matinees, plus a couple of others that had appeal to a younger audience in other parts of our programme. This year, that number is doubling to eight, and includes a wide range, from traditional English-language classics from the 70s, older films, such as National Velvet starring Elizabeth Taylor, and more magical recent releases. These include films such as as the gorgeous animation Tales of the Night by French director Michel Ocelot, whose Azur and Asmar we showed last year.

The programme isn’t just aimed at younger children either; as they get a bit older, some of the great Hollywood classics also appeal, and for that reason we couldn’t resist including Hitchcock’s North by Northwest, which we’re sure lots of people will like too.

We also have our main programme, which includes some silent comedy with live music during the Forest Row Festival, and some other films which could also be of interest to older teenagers.

The full family programme on Sundays in 2012-13 will be:

Sunday 09 Sep 2012 Bedknobs and Broomsticks
Sunday 07 Oct 2012 Hugo
Sunday 04 Nov 2012 Five Children and It
Sunday 09 Dec 2012 Heidi
Sunday 06 Jan 2013 Greyfriars Bobby
Sunday 03 Feb 2013 Tales of the Night
Sunday 03 Mar 2013 North by Northwest
Sunday 28 Apr 2013 National Velvet