Audience reaction 2011-12

Audience reaction 2011-12

After each film we get you to rate the film, and here are the collated scores for the season. If you have any other feedback about any of the films, you can post them here too.

It is really useful for us to get your feedback since it gives us a great sense of how good our programming is, and helps us plan for next season.

How do we convert your rating into a score? You can read the simple outline of how it works on the BFFS site [pdf].

The scores for 2011-12

Film Score
Benda Bilili! 97.0
The Cave of the Yellow Dog 96.4
Three Colours: Blue 95.3
The Passion of Joan of Arc 95.0
For Heaven’s Sake 94.8
The Great White Silence 94.6
Nosferatu 94.4
The Wizard of Oz 93.9
Of Gods and Men 93.5
Kinky Boots 92.6
Queen of the Sun 91.5
Potiche 91.3
The Adventures of Prince Achmed 90.8
Metropolis 90.2
Ivan the Terrible 90.0
Welcome 89.9
The Illusionist 89.4
Woman of the Dunes 89.2
Planeat 88.5
Schooling the World 88.0
Poetry 87.8
Machan 87.5
The Gleaners and I 85.6
Local Films 85.5
Freedom Ahead 85.2
The Economics of Happiness 84.7
John Rabe 84.1
Offside 83.5
Lourdes 80.7
The Garden of the Finzi Contini 77.8
Journey of the Universe 69.2
Opening Night 66.0